Why Do People Become Coaches?

Why Do People Become Coaches?

“Why did you become a Coach?” was a question posed to all coaches recently at a coaches forum, as a precursor to a panel discussion. We were asked to write three words on post-it notes and stick it on the whiteboard at the front of the room. In a few minutes, the whiteboard seemed colorful, decorated with all the post-its. Words such as – Empowerment, Making a Difference, Listening, Learning, Grow, Help, People, Joy, Satisfaction, Serve, Contribution, Passion and many others, occupied the board. The question really made me think again,

“Why at all did I chose to become a business coach about five years back?

These were the three words that I wrote and what they meant- Human Connection, Making a difference and Fulfilment.

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Blog Writer – Hemant Deshpande