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Collective process to learning

Group coaching interventions are aimed at building a common learning objective among individuals in the organization. They could be from similar teams/functions or across the organization. The purpose of GC is to accelerate a common learning process in a group. A common learning theme is identified that is relevant to the selected group and the group coach facilitates this learning for the entire group.

The CoachMantraTM


11 core competencies

by ICF

(The International Coach Federation)

The methods we follow are aligned to the 11 core competencies for Coaching defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF).


with coachee

to increase self-awareness

Coaches partner with coachees to increase self-awareness and generate insights that can lead to lasting mindset and behaviour changes.

Group Coaching


Learn from each other, enhance peer learning on shared challenges like time management.

Enable members of different departments to break down silos and understand shared business issues and goals.

Shape high-potential groups that will form a unified, empowered leadership cadre across the organisation.

Provide a more extensive, effective alternative to individual executive coaching.

All our interventions can be delivered in person or via online platforms.



Stakeholder &
Sponsor Meeting

An informal meeting between the sponsor, stakeholders of the intervention, other relevant people within the organisation and the coach from CM. The meeting will focus on identifying the purpose of the intervention and the review mechanisms and information sharing methods between Pragati and the sponsor and stakeholders.

One-on-one Chats
with Participants

Individual chats with the participants will allow the coach to communicate goals to the participants and capture their expectations in turn. This information is shared with the sponsor and the coach will draft the plan of execution. Metrics for measurement and learning objectives are agreed upon.

Group Coaching

The group coaching will be done in groups of 4-5 people. A combination of tools, frameworks and content will be utilised, with an emphasis on creating a safe, supportive space to discuss issues, think, and reflect. Each session will focus on generating insights and action points. There will be overall 6-8 group sessions, and at least 2 one-on-one sessions over a period of 4-6 months.

Periodic Reviews &
One-on-one Coaching

In order to assess whether goals are being met, there will be one mid-review after 3-6 sessions, involving the coach, sponsor, stakeholders, and the group. Feedback and observations will be shared and incorporated as required. One-on-one sessions will deep dive into root causes, strategies, solutions and action plans for each individual.

Post Coaching Review &
Coaching Closure

A final meeting with the sponsor and stakeholders to report on changes in the participants, progress towards goals, and roadmaps to sustain newly learned behaviour and thinking patterns. Participants will also make presentations capturing their progress, the impact of the intervention and their plans to sustain the new learnings and methods gained.


A follow-up session with the group, 4 months after the last coaching session, to obtain feedback, celebrate achievements and present a final report on the outcome.


We are also there to support our participants beyond contractual obligations, with designated days for telephonic or online support even after the assignment is over. This step is complimentary.



Our ‘Carbon-Neutral’ coaching is delivered to coachees anywhere in the world using web tools such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. Face-to-face coaching is currently available in India and the USA.

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