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Empowering teams to pursue and achieve shared goals together

Team coaching interventions are aimed at actual teams in an organization, including a team leader and their direct reports. They: 

Create teams with a unified culture and understanding of goals.

Enable clear, efficient communication within the team.

Streamline decision-making processes and execution plans and responsibilities

Nurture trust, respect and an understanding of one another’s strengths and qualities across the team, creating a cohesive, well-knit unit.

All our interventions can be delivered in person or via online platforms.

The CoachMantraTM


11 core competencies

by ICF

(The International Coach Federation)

The methods we follow are aligned to the 11 core competencies for Coaching defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF).


with coachee

to increase self-awareness

Coaches partner with coachees to increase self-awareness and generate insights that can lead to lasting mindset and behaviour changes.




A pre-program study will be conducted to collect relevant data points to design and customise the intervention. It will include chats with some of the participants, to understand ground realities, personal challenges and goals. It will also include conversations with relevant stakeholders to get their perspectives. Tools like the MBTI questionnaire, Hogan’s Personality Profiling, and others will also be administered to establish a baseline. These questionnaires will be repeated at the end of the intervention to measure impact.


The coach will attend a meeting or meetings of the target team as an observer. This will enable identifying of areas of focus and development, as well as norms and practices. At the end of this, the coach and team will agree on the team and broader organizational focus of the intervention, and create a team and individual contract including goals and assessment metrics.


The coach will attend real meetings of the team as an active coaching participant and mentor. Observations and insights will be shared with the team. These sessions will be conducted around twice monthly with the focus on Action Learning via real challenges and situations. The coach will guide the team through gaining insights and practicing different behaviours in the team setting to enhance their functioning.


The distance travelled by the team and individuals will be measured. One of the most indicative methods will be a repeat of the baseline assessments administered at the onset. There will also be a focus on looking beyond the Team Coaching project so that the reflective focus of the team can be sustained with regular reviews, ongoing peer coaching and so on. There will be a live session on leadership skills and program feedback, with a plan delivered for ongoing learning and development to sustain the journey beyond the scope of this intervention.


A final meeting with the sponsor and stakeholders to report on changes in the participants, progress towards goals, and roadmaps to sustain newly learned behaviour and thinking patterns. Participants will also make presentations capturing their progress, the impact of the intervention and their plans to sustain the new learnings and methods gained.



Our ‘Carbon-Neutral’ coaching is delivered to coachees anywhere in the world using web tools such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. Face-to-face coaching is currently available in India and the USA.

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