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“We all have a lot of untapped potential, waiting to be unlocked. With coaching, even a small change can create a ripple effect and a huge positive impact on individuals and businesses.”

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Top Talent • Senior Leadership

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Sharada brings with her a rich professional experience of leading teams and businesses for 28 years.

She has experienced the power of taking her people to their highest potential through coaching and mentoring on the job and believes that for leaders, this is one of the key ingredients for sustained success stories of any business. 

She says, “I see coaching as a deep work of enabling people to dive within and emerge with insights and actionables that guide them to sustained success across all aspects of their life”.

Over the past couple of years, Sharada has logged over 150 hours of Coaching.

She has her unique coaching style that blends her experience, her deep and objective understanding of a wide range of professionals, her expertise of NLP and her vision to guide people to their best potential”.


What makes Sharada stand out as a coach is her deep and compassionate intent to guide her coachees toward their desired goals.

Sharada effectively uses her coaching experience, techniques, multi-level listening, and rich professional experience to bring about great outcomes through her coaching sessions.

Sharada is very high on integrity and trust and this gives her coachees a safe space to work towards their growth and goals. She instills confidence and positive belief in her coachees that stay long term with them.



Ability to listen deeply, clarity, trusted and compassionate coach, customization for
speedy desired outcomes enable transformation.





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Awards & Recognition

Best Community Coach Award

by Global Action on Poverty (GAP) in 2019

A Little

About Sharada

Sharada is committed and passionate on her vision to enable millions of people to overcome struggles and maximise success and happiness, and live their greatest potential.

More about Sharada at Sharada Sunder – Executive Mentor And Coach, Leadership & Life Skill Trainer | Saralife Consulting. She gives expression to her creativity and loves singing, painting, and writing. She is a published poet of three collections of poems, titled, The illegitimate tree (2010), Silver Sparrow and other poems (2018), and Poetry in a Pandemic(2020).

Sharada believes in the power vested with each of us towards ESG (environment, social, and governance) to make the world a better place today and for the future. Sharada was awarded Impact’s ‘50 Most Influential Women’ in Marketing, Media, and Advertising in 2015.

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