Culture of Coaching

Culture of Management Coaching and Leadership Development Coaching

Creating a Culture of Coaching is a game changer for achieving sustainable business results.

A coaching culture exists when coaching is used as an approach by the leaders, managers, and staff in organisations to engage and develop all their people and stakeholders. It creates enhanced performance through enabling people to generate new insights and then take responsibility and action to implement this in their roles. Moreover it is a sustainable model for bringing change in the organisation.

Are you ready to usher in the Culture of Coaching at your workplace?

COACHMANTRATM is just the partner you need. Our coaches have helped many companies benefit from creating an internal Culture of Coaching.

The business case for a strong coaching culture

Organizations with strong coaching cultures indicate higher revenue (46% compared to 39% of other responding organizations) and higher employee engagement (61% and 53%, respectively) then that of their industry peer group.
Source – ICF 2017

employee engagement

Percentage of employees who rated themselves ‘highly engaged’


revenue growth

Percentage of revenue growth in relation to industry peer group.


Strong Coaching Culture

All Others

creating a coaching culture for your organisation


Design Process

COACHMANTRATM will co-design a road map for building a culture of coaching. Aspects such as identifying sponsors and champions for the program, forming a task force, determining and allocating a coaching budget for the year, etc. will be created.

Execution and Delivery

In order to achieve the objective of creating a culture of coaching, COACHMANTRATM will build the capabilities of senior leaders and managers to coach and mentor their teams. This will include:


Provide handholding and coaching support.

Develop your internal coaching capacity

Leader as Coach

Manager as Coach

Leader as coach is our highly impactful offering for Executive level leaders, CEOs and CFOs who interact in a demanding environment. They are required to lead people in today’s complex, competitive global marketplace and are key influencers in creating a distinct culture of the organisation. In this modular training program, COACHMANTRATM orients and develops the capacity of these leaders to build a culture of coaching for their organisation. We do this through a mix of power packed capsules and innovative methodologies such as case studies, webinars and executive coaching.
Manager as coach is our powerful offering for middle to senior level managers who are directing or leading teams/ departments or are required to lead leaders of smaller teams/ departments. In this intervention, our coaches develop their ability to coach their teams in order to create higher engagement through coaching conversations. Further these managers can develop the leadership skills of high-potential individuals within the organisation through the process of coaching. This program certifies managers and extends over 6 months and is delivered using blended learning, assignments and group coaching.

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