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From a promising venture to a real business

Are you an investor in startups, or do you have one of your own?

As an investor, you’ve seen the potential of the idea, and you know the clear focus that will be needed to convert that idea into a running business.


Or if you are a startup founder, you may feel overwhelmed by the high expectations all around, and the need to manage innovation, people, finance and operations.

To help meet these challenges, stakeholders and investors find that having a coach to navigate the intense ups and downs of entrepreneurship becomes a competitive advantage!

Stakeholders want

founders to

Founders gain

from coaching

Why investors want their founders to have a coach


Start-up founders are known for innovation and creative thinking. But there are many other challenges at each stage of scaling up the venture. A coach helps them to strategically plan each of these stages.

quick decisions

Critical thinking is an invaluable part of leadership skills. It also helps a start-up founder to take quick and firm decisions as the leader of his fledgling team. And coaching is a sure way to unlock this potential in start-up founders.

Build and manage
teams effectively

This is a key leadership attribute. Coaching gives founders the insights and perspectives to develop this.

A coach is a great sounding board for a startup founder

Develop the ability to resolve conflict

Exploring the real drivers of action, which are the underlying forces of emotional and mental motivations will help you to create consensus and resolve conflict.

Shoulder responsibility and delegate effectively

As a founder you are emotionally invested in your company but you need to be objective and learn to delegate effectively.

Accept change

To develop as a leader you need a growth mindset and a commitment to stretch yourself. Coaching prepares you to take what is thrown at you.

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