Success Story 2

This global organization, associated with the metals Industry for over 75 years has a presence in 32 countries. Naturally they have a diverse and rich multi-cultural environment and unique challenges. A senior Manager who had risen from the ranks was earmarked for a leadership position at Jakarta. She felt a little overwhelmed about the transition from a functional to a leadership role, plus the lack of any women role models. Read how Coaching helped her to grow into her future role and take on additional responsibility confidently.​

After an initial assessment, we decided to use our ‘Wholesome Coaching’ model which covers two facets: coaching for ‘being’ and coaching for ‘performance’. In view of the dynamic environment of the business and the leadership challenges entailed by the new role of the coachee, a set of Coaching objectives was set down.

Results of the reviews

Mid-term review

In the presence of the reporting Manager of the coachee, an open exchange of feedback took place. Small positive changes in the coachee’s language and dressing created more energy in her team.

Final review on completion of the Coaching intervention

We observed a paradigm shift in the coachee’s thinking as she moved from low gravitas to high gravitas. She started speaking firmly as her confidence grew. An increase in staff engagement, assertive communication and proactive responsiveness was reflected in a high degree of ownership and self-motivation.


High praise indeed received from the line Manager of the coachee.

The consensus is that she has made significant progress along the objectives, demonstrated by: