Why do Top Talent Need Executive Coaching?

Why do Top Talent Need Executive Coaching?

An organization’s future growth plans rest on the shoulders of individuals who play strategic roles. As the business scales up, these leaders, who are the key talent have to be prepared to take on new challenges. Leadership coaching assists organizations in preparing a deep bench of key talent who would be ‘future-ready’ leaders.

Organizations often engage coaches for managers who have been earmarked for higher responsibility. Coaching is a very powerful enabler and helps these high potential individuals to develop the strategic vision as well as leadership skills to fulfil their current and future responsibilities.

Following report from Bhanu Pande, ET Bureau is illustrative of how Executive coaching delivers results.

For six months last year, Harish Natarajan, MD for India & Thailand, Bausch & Lomb Eyecare, stayed connected to his US-based business coach Felicity McRobb. He was learning to cultivate the professional aggression that would allow him to take tough decisions. At the end of several sessions, a confident Natarajan was making a power-point presentation on emerging markets before a senior Bausch & Lomb team in Hong Kong. “The coaching had a huge impact on my thinking and decision-making,” he says. 

Natarajan’s stint with a coach wasn’t a random occurrence.

 He was selected from among 24 candidates worldwide to undergo a ‘Breakthrough Leadership’ programme conducted by American coaching firm, designed to help senior leaders create and execute breakthrough ideas, develop strategic pathways and set milestones.

Companies across the board are similarly opting for executive coaching certification courses to help their high-potential executives perform in larger, rapidly-changing roles in a globalised world. Executive coaching is a tool which contributes to the development of an organization’s top talent by:

Enabling them to fit into the bigger picture, as well as strengthen their alignment to a shared culture of doing the right thing.

Development of a strategic orientation for organizational growth and succession planning – preparing future-ready leaders

Executive coaching India helps organizations grow people that capture opportunities, make sound decisions and create new revenue streams. It also builds valuable skills and knowledge for career advancement or for taking on new job roles and responsibilities.

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