Women comprise over half the workforce but only a small percent of them occupy senior leadership roles. Women struggle to find top leadership roles in companies due to a variety of biases and outdated views.

Companies struggling to find female leaders must discuss and filter biases and more importantly a women’s leadership coaching program may be beneficial. The right coaching, instructions, and mentoring of women bring a valuable dimension and insight to the organization that men may not often see.

How women’s leadership programs are different?

Leadership coaching assesses an individual’s ability to lead, develop their strengths, overcome their weaknesses, and enhance their capabilities. The program comprises an insight into the leadership principles and skills that make an effective leader develop and mentor the participants.

Organizations may adopt a blanket approach to leadership coaching but understanding that women face distinct obstacles and scenarios from men is crucial. Female leadership coaching program requires specific ways to address biases, possible imposter syndrome, and knowing systematic barriers and inequities.

Obstacles faced by women in the workplace

Companies can create a holistic support plan, and learn the importance of a leadership coaching program to create a diversified work environment for women leaders. Some obstacles organizations must overcome include:

  • Chauvinistic bias

These may be expressed in different ways but the basic premise is that women are hormonal and moody to handle difficult situations and make decisions needed in leadership positions.

  • Underestimating potential

Women are passed over by men for promotion due to the bias where managers judge women as lacking core abilities and competencies to become great leaders. Higher rates of burnout caused by the belief that women cannot reach their full potential further add to the bias.

  • Wage inequalities

Although the wage inequalities have reduced over the years, they still exist and men still are paid better than women. This can result in lower morale and burnout while increasing conflicts in the workplace.

  • Family oriented fallacy

Another bias preventing women from moving up the leadership ladder is that they have ceilings are they are family-oriented. This poses a question on their ability to achieve work-life balance and therefore are overlooked even when they have the abilities and potential to be successful.

Why women are important for success in leadership roles?

With so many biases, it is not surprising that women are still not seen in many leadership roles. However, companies can change this and the right women’s coaching program can go a long to change this situation. Gender diversity and leadership coaching can offer organizations the following benefits:

  • Improved emotional intelligence as women are better at listening than men
  • Better decision-making driven by diverse and unique perspectives
  • Changed policies for an inclusive work culture
  • Higher retention rates
  • Narrower wage inequalities
  • Enhanced performance as women are better at multi-tasking when compared to men
  • Greater adaptability
  • Breaking biases where women are marginalized

Why leadership coaching for women is important for companies?

Leadership coaching just doesn’t empower women but also helps company management to assess situations within the workplace through context and reflection. Additionally, it enhances female morale, unlocks their full potential, and provides a platform for organizational success.

In addition to a broader approach to women’s coaching, a peer group program to address challenges faced by women is recommended. This also provides the participants with a free and safe space to discuss concepts and scenarios that may be uncomfortable to discuss with their male colleagues.

An open forum under the guidance of an experienced coach can make women feel supported to face the biases without any interference. The outcome of an effective coaching program is an empowering experience for women to reach their complete potential and advance in their careers.

Stronger women empowerment movements are encouraging more female leaders to lead their organizations. The right leadership program offers a transformational curriculum and customized plans to help companies and participants achieve their goals. Organizations are encouraged to include women’s leadership programs to show the respect and support they deserve to succeed in their roles.