Transforming Leaders and Businesses – this one headline encapsulates the vision behind COACHMANTRATM! What started as a unique concept in training and facilitation soon blossomed into a passionate endeavor towards the transformation of people to drive businesses forward.

COACHMANTRATM is envisioned to be an exclusive brand of Pragati Leadership, which offers coaching solutions to clients.

There are many individuals and training companies as such, who are willing to offer a leadership coach in India. What sets us apart is the original thought behind COACHMANTRATM, which is to have a professionally qualified and competent team of Industry professionals. This way, we maintain focus on the individual aspirations and the challenges that organizations, entrepreneurs, and startup owners face. Also, these can best be addressed by a customized and unique coaching approach.

So, what makes us different?

 We have a highly talented team of certified Coaches who back their coaching certifications with deep industry knowledge. This helps us relate to the context that our clients bring to the coaching conversations. Moreover, a cumulative experience of over 300+ years and more than 7000 hours of one-on-one coaching experience across Business functions like Marketing, Sales, Psychology, and Management, provide our client with the right fit.

 We incorporate cultural diversity, as we have coaches from across India and the world who provide zero-carbon coaching to clients globally. Our business coach is available to address any queries even after the completion of their coaching interventions.

As part of our Vision, our effort is to enhance the productivity and performance of individuals enabling them to be more effective at their current and future roles. We firmly believe that each individual intrinsically has the potential to be a better version of themselves. At times, Coachee needs a guide by their side, a coach, someone who can help them to achieve breakthrough performance.

In the words of Anu Wakhlu, “Coaching is a transformational process for both the coachee and the coach. The path of transformation and learning is never – ending and coaching accelerates your journey on this path.”

We believe that coaching is a process of enabling people to think better so that they can come out with their own answers to problems or challenges faced by them. Encouraging a culture in an organization where Managers and Leaders nurture this, creates a Culture of Coaching. This brings in new ideas, enhances participation, and builds ownership – all eventually leading to higher organizational productivity and engagement. And we believe that we can facilitate this for our clients.

At COACHMANTRATM we work with Top Talent, Emerging Talent, Women Leaders as well as Start-Up Founders, and Next Gen Leaders.

Our Vision for COACHMANTRATM is to enable each individual and organization to find the sweet spot between being effective and performance oriented to also being joyful and mindful. Our belief is that people are at the heart of every organization and it is they who drive the business forward by building the organization’s strategy and driving operational efficiencies.