Four Mistakes a Newbie Coach is Likely to Make

Four Mistakes a Newbie Coach is Likely to Make

Offering advice limits creativity and ownership: As a business coach, it’s not your job to advise. When you jump into giving advice, you are likely to shut down idea generation by others.  Instead explore ideas and solutions with them, so that they understand the solution, and how it was arrived at.  People are much more likely to take ownership and carry it through when they come up with their own solutions. People are creative and resourceful and fully capable of solving problems

Being judgmental: The client needs to be given time to reflect, respond and be an active participant in the conversation. It’s not the coach’s place to judge as it causes clients to withdraw and stop expressing their true feelings.

Not being present: Leadership coaching requires you to be totally present to the client and to their issues. You can’t be present in the service of the client with a cluttered mind. As a coach, therefore the constant clearing of the head and thoughts becomes an essential practice.  You need to have your head clear of any supposedly smart, intelligent thoughts, your emotions need to be on an even keel and your body-mind needs to be totally aligned and at peace for you to do the coaching well.

Not reviewing progress: Create an effective method for reviewing and measuring progress. When you coach, you need to create the environment to enable your clients to come up with their own solutions.  They can then assess their progress and change course if their solution did not have the desired impact.

Business Coaching India by ‘CoachMantra’ is a model for engagement, empowerment and accountability. It teaches those being coached to be responsible and to “own” their results. By engaging in coaching, you’re making a decision to replace mediocrity with high-performance. Coaches essentially lead individuals on a path of self-discovery which in turn, helps them resolve professional and even personal crises.

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Why do Top Talent Need Executive Coaching?

Why do Top Talent Need Executive Coaching?

An organization’s future growth plans rest on the shoulders of individuals who play strategic roles. As the business scales up, these leaders, who are the key talent have to be prepared to take on new challenges. Leadership coaching assists organizations in preparing a deep bench of key talent who would be ‘future-ready’ leaders.

Organizations often engage coaches for managers who have been earmarked for higher responsibility. Coaching is a very powerful enabler and helps these high potential individuals to develop the strategic vision as well as leadership skills to fulfil their current and future responsibilities.

Following report from Bhanu Pande, ET Bureau is illustrative of how Executive coaching delivers results.

For six months last year, Harish Natarajan, MD for India & Thailand, Bausch & Lomb Eyecare, stayed connected to his US-based business coach Felicity McRobb. He was learning to cultivate the professional aggression that would allow him to take tough decisions. At the end of several sessions, a confident Natarajan was making a power-point presentation on emerging markets before a senior Bausch & Lomb team in Hong Kong. “The coaching had a huge impact on my thinking and decision-making,” he says. 

Natarajan’s stint with a coach wasn’t a random occurrence.

 He was selected from among 24 candidates worldwide to undergo a ‘Breakthrough Leadership’ programme conducted by American coaching firm, designed to help senior leaders create and execute breakthrough ideas, develop strategic pathways and set milestones.

Companies across the board are similarly opting for executive coaching certification courses to help their high-potential executives perform in larger, rapidly-changing roles in a globalised world. Executive coaching is a tool which contributes to the development of an organization’s top talent by:

Enabling them to fit into the bigger picture, as well as strengthen their alignment to a shared culture of doing the right thing.

Development of a strategic orientation for organizational growth and succession planning – preparing future-ready leaders

Executive coaching India helps organizations grow people that capture opportunities, make sound decisions and create new revenue streams. It also builds valuable skills and knowledge for career advancement or for taking on new job roles and responsibilities.

If you are looking for a leadership coach in India who will equip your top talent to handle current and future roles in the organization then send them on a journey of self-discovery with CoachMantra! Call +91 7838088597 or write to to experience the benefits of quality Executive Coaching.

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Coaching For The Next Generation in Family Owned Business

Coaching For The Next Generation in Family Owned Business

Worldwide, executive coaching is over a $1-billion industry, according to the Harvard Business Review. Business coaching in India is part of the larger business performance enablement market, which is growing exponentially as companies demand accountability, productivity and results from their employees. Family businesses promote entrepreneurship, and generate wealth and security for the next generation (next gen) of owners. The very things that make family firms so wonderful such as the highly personal relationships, the inherent loyalty and commitment, the flexible structure, are those that pose challenges in the long term.

As Tracy Perman explains in her Business Week article entitled “Taking the Pulse of Family Business,” two broad trends are visible in the realm of family business as we get comfortable in the 21st Century. First, the aging of the baby boom generation signals a coming ownership change for many family businesses within the next ten years. Second, more and more of these businesses will be taken over by women, continuing a trend that has been visible since the turn of the century. 

To ensure organizational effectiveness and growth in the long term, the next gens need to recognize and understand both the strengths and the weaknesses of family businesses. Finding a balance between respecting the processes of the past, and seizing the opportunities that the next gen sees for the future, has always been a challenge in family firms.

So, what role does Executive coaching and Business coach play in grooming the next generation of leaders (next gens)?

Coaching helps next gens to align themselves with the existing values and fabric of the company. Many next gens feel they have to work harder than other people to prove themselves as they are expected to take on a governance role in the business one day.

If the conditions are right, working in one’s family business can be the most amazing opportunity. Coaching can help you be part of something you really care about, become a guardian of it, and perhaps, one day pass it on to your own children. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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Why Do People Become Coaches?

Why Do People Become Coaches?

“Why did you become a Coach?” was a question posed to all coaches recently at a coaches forum, as a precursor to a panel discussion. We were asked to write three words on post-it notes and stick it on the whiteboard at the front of the room. In a few minutes, the whiteboard seemed colorful, decorated with all the post-its. Words such as – Empowerment, Making a Difference, Listening, Learning, Grow, Help, People, Joy, Satisfaction, Serve, Contribution, Passion and many others, occupied the board. The question really made me think again,

“Why at all did I chose to become a business coach about five years back?

These were the three words that I wrote and what they meant- Human Connection, Making a difference and Fulfilment.

 Have you experienced the wonders of executive coaching yet? If not, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy  to work with you.

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Why do Entrepreneurs Require Coaching?

Why do Entrepreneurs Require Coaching?

Mark Twain famously said ‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started!’

Entrepreneurs are dynamic business leaders who contribute to the economic development of a country and they’re always looking for new ideas! Entrepreneurship is a process, a journey, not the destination.

The essence of entrepreneurship is the ‘willingness to assume risk’ with the potential of profit as a key driver. An entrepreneur studies a problem, identifies its alternatives, compares the alternatives in terms of cost and benefits implications, and finally chooses the best alternative. An entrepreneur uses creative thinking to develop an idea into an actual business venture.

Challenges faced by the entrepreneur

Benefits of Executive Coaching

In order to navigate the highs and lows of this journey called ‘Entrepreneurship’ you need help to get through the challenging times. Executive coaching for entrepreneurs is the secret to accelerating success, it injects new energy, purpose and focuses into the business. Coaching helps you to strategically plan each stage of development of the business, emphasize what is imperative to do as an entrepreneur, as well as what it means to be an entrepreneur!

A business coach brings a new perspective to your situation and provides a safe, non-judgmental haven for you to prioritize what’s important for you.

Business Coaching Supports You in the Following Ways:

Are you ready to grow your business and make the leap from where you currently are, to where you desire to be? Are you committed to creating a flourishing, successful business? Do you want to evaluate what’s working and what’s not, set goals and create an action plan?

If your answer is ‘Yes’, then it’s time to utilize the services of business coaching India!

At CoachMantra, we aim to provide the best leadership coach in India, having varied specializations, educational and work backgrounds, so you will find the one that’s just right for your needs.

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