If you’re making the transition to a new leadership role, whether it’s in the same organization or somewhere new, it’s a challenging and important moment in your professional life. What you do in the first few weeks of a new role can determine the success of your tenure.

What can you do to ensure that your transition is successful?

Executive coaching can contribute hugely to an effective transition. Having a coach by your side makes this journey stress-free and satisfying. Through meaningful conversations that use skillful questioning your coach will be the catalyst for the following behavioural changes in yourself:

  • Speak less, listen more, and lead with an inquisitive mind to figure out what skills, learning, or development your team needs. As a new leader first get familiar with all aspects of the company so you can see what is working and what is not. Then get input on the major changes that need to happen and then focus on improving the organization’s effectiveness.
  • A collaborative approach helps you in learning to read the dynamics of the organization and then adapt to it. Encourage your team to be the architects of the plan to make sure everyone can buy into the idea. Share the ownership. Connect with stakeholders too.
  • Climbing the learning curve quickly is essential to successful integration. But, take time to change the culture and start fixing everything that it isn’t working.
  • Encourage innovative ideas among employees and reward them for their efforts. Start building trust, be open, transparent, and forthcoming in all your communication.
  • Be flexible so that you can seamlessly switch between the big picture and a more detailed view.

Transitions are a great opportunity to build a foundation for long-term success, both your own and the organization’s. Executive coaching certification makes you realize that it’s not about your achievements or your success as a leader, it’s about recognizing the efforts of your team and helping them succeed.

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