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“My passion is to help people realize their true potential and become the best versions of themselves. Coaching is one of the ways I realize my passion.”

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Manish started his journey of helping people become the best version of themselves in early 2000s by mentoring a few people in his corporate role at a major multinational bank.

Once we got certified as an executive coach in 2014, it kick-started his journey as an executive coach.

What makes Manish stand out as a coach: Clients find him to be authentic, curious, and genuinely invested in their success. He is empathetic, warm, and affectionate. He is a good listener and probes well using insight-generating questions.


Manish follows the GROW model with Appreciative Inquiry as a guiding principle. His philosophy of coaching is to help the coachee become aware of the need to change. Once this is achieved, the ‘will’ to change and the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of change are easy.

This philosophy can be encapsulated in the following quote: “I am not successful as a coach if the coachees feel they have a smart coach; I am successful when the coachees believe that they have an infinite potential to achieve absolutely anything they set their mind and heart to.”



His genuine interest to help people become the best version of themselves.


Awards & Recognition

Exceptional Woman of Excellence Award

presented by World Economic Forum and ALL Ladies League on 8th March 2018 at The Hague.

Grassroots Woman of the Decade Award

from ALL Ladies league of ASSOCHAM on 2014.

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About Manish

Manish is warm, helpful, curious, and loves to have long conversations over coffee.

He believes in learning by inviting discomfort and targets to learn something new every year.

This quest has taken me to learn paragliding and skiing; experience bungy jumping, scuba diving, and hang gliding; study and share insights on happiness and human behaviour in marital relationships; write books on making language learning fun (English Bites! My ‘Fullproof’ English Learning Formula, Penguin Books, 2012 and Let’s Talk in English, Penguin Books, 2015); co-found community clubs (“Coffee & Conversations” and “Jashn Musical Group”) for knowledge sharing and entertainment; and drive cars and campervans on roads less travelled.

What makes Manish stand out as a coach: Clients find him to be authentic, genuinely invested in their success, approachable, warm, and affectionate.

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