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“Coaching is about transformation, letting go of dysfunctional patterns, beliefs, behaviors to become a better version of oneself.”

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Top Talent • Women Leadership

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Professional CERTIFIED Coach (ICF)

Professional CERTIFIED Coach (ICF)

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Yoshita has coached multiple CXOs, senior leaders and teams over the last 11 years. Through her coaching practice, she has discovered that there is nothing more important in growth and transformation than the individual's own thirst for it and an openness to inquire into the deeper functioning of his or her own mind.

Whether it is a CXO who is unable to be assertive due to a deeply held value of humility or a CEO who grapples with trust in the team due to his own inner battles with fear or a Vice President unable to delegate due to his inherent perfectionism, Yoshita’s role has been that of helping her coachees discover their own deeper barriers.

She has also found that many leaders are unaware or unmindful of their strengths. Yoshita nudges them to explore their strengths and ways to leverage those in their journey to become better leaders. Having understood the root cause of dysfunctional behaviours and attained a greater understanding of their strengths, her clients feel empowered to achieve their leadership developmental goals around Executive Presence, Stakeholder Management, Team Building, Delegation, etc.

In her own words: “I feel blessed, grateful, and privileged to be a coach. It is a great opportunity & responsibility to partner with my clients in their journey of self-exploration and growth. Therefore, I strive to bring my best/most compassionate and non-judgmental self to every coaching conversation.”


Yoshita’s coaching style is focussed on creating awareness and allowing for the awareness to bring understanding and transformation. She uses her deep understanding of human psychology to probe below the psychological waterline instead of focussing only on superficial behaviour change. When coachees understand “why they do what they do”, they are more empowered to bring a lasting transformation in their life and are able to create the right actions to achieve their goals







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Awards & Recognition

Exceptional Woman of Excellence Award

presented by World Economic Forum and ALL Ladies League on 8th March 2018 at The Hague.

Grassroots Woman of the Decade Award

from ALL Ladies league of ASSOCHAM on 2014.

A Little

About Yoshita

An engaging personality, calm demeanour, excellent communication skills and a never-die-spirit, and you get a winning combination called Yoshita!

She is the sum total of all her life’s experiences: an avid reader, a prolific traveller, with a passion for social causes and a strong belief in self-mastery. She is a co-founder of Subah, a community for empowering Covid widows.

She also runs open workshops for inner transformation and healing.

For Yoshita, her spiritual dimension and understanding of psychology adds credibility when exploring the inner dimension. Her erstwhile professional experience as a P&L owner in top-class organizations, makes it easier for her clients to have business-related conversations in the right context.

What makes Yoshita stand out as a coach is her calming and compassionate presence, that enables people to lower their barriers, trust easily and share what is truly on their mind. Combined with that, her rich corporate experience allows her to quickly pick up the business aspect and talk her client’s language.

Here is what a couple of 

Yoshita’s clients have to say

“I had the opportunity to work with Yoshita on a leadership development program employed for a group of budding talent within our organization … She has a unique ability to connect with every participant at the core level and then help facilitate the growth. I personally experienced the transformation of all the individuals who went through this program. She was precise, encouraging, thought provoking, got them out of their comfort zones and importantly, held them accountable.”

 – Vinod, Director at a Global BPO


“After working with Yoshita in a structured manner, I was able to upgrade my leadership style significantly and I took several initiatives to engage my team better. It made me very confident and certain on how to present myself to the board. All the preparation with Yoshita really helped me land the top leadership role I had been aspiring for! Felt awesome!”

– Shweta, Director, Real Estate MNC


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